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     Welcome to DFW Chef's home page where you can find recipes, cooking tips and more. This is a growing site that is being updated on a weekly basis. The methods page will introduce or reenforce cooking methods depending on individual cooking ability.
     The garnish page gives step by step instructions on how to create various garnishes and food sculptures. The tips page gives basic cooking tips that are good to keep in mind when cooking.
      The measurements page provides basic conversions and equivalent measurements that are useful when cooking or baking.
      Please be sure to check out DFW Chef's cooking videos page and subscribe to the You Tube channel. New videos are added each Thursday. Also being a subscriber will allow you to suggest content for the Focus on the Food show.
      The weekly cooking videos will allow you to take a free cooking lesson each week, whether you are new to cooking or are a seasoned pro.
       DFW Chef now offers kitchen product on the shopping page.

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