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Welcome to DFW Chef's Focus on the Food videos page. I would like to personally invite you to subscribe to my You Tube channel by clicking on the above subscribe to my YouTube channel button. There is no cost to subscribe to my channel, additionally it will allow you to suggest recipes, techniques, and methods that you would like to see. The video's are written, directed, produced, executed and edited by Jason A. Driskill. I've worked as a Chef (Cook, Banquet Cook, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Dinning Services Director and Personal Chef) I was professionally trained by a number of very talented Chefs and graduated from The International Culinary Academy (which was bought out by Le-cordon Bleu ) in Pittsburgh, PA in 1999.
   Now, I share my love of food, as well as passion for cooking, with you in my spare time on video! Please subscribe to my You Tube channel!

Thank You,

Jason A. Driskill
Chef/Owner of dfwchef.com

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