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Garnishes and Food Sculptures

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Onion Flower

1. Select fresh green onions.
2. Wash the onion under water.
3. Cut the green onion down to size. Either end may be used.
 Using a pairing knife carefully slice lengthwise away from your body.
Note. Make sure to only use the tip of the knife to avoid damaging the flower.
4. Soak the green onion in ice water in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
The ice water will cause the onion flower to open up. 

Flowers for Everyone
Watermelon Swan

1. Select a watermelon than has a shape that will allow the swan come out.
2. Wash with water and dry the melon. Trace an outline of the swan.
3. Using a pairing knife carefully cut away the excess.
4. Use a spoon or Ice Cream scoop to scoop the excess fruit out.
5. Use your sculpture as a center piece or to serve the watermelon.
Chef's thoughts about garnishes and food sculptures:

 Traditionally garnishes are used to make dishes and platters more attractive and appetizing.
  It is a good idea to use garnishes with products that are already in the dish.
For example: If a sprig of rosemary is used as a garnish, one would expect to find rosemary as one of the ingredients used in the dish.  

Other Garnishes
Chopped Parsley
Chopped Cilantro
Chiffonade of Basil
Sprig of Rosemary
Confetti Vegetables
Edible Flowers
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Apple Swan

1. Select an apple that is elongated enough to create a swan.
2.  Slice the apple to serve as the bottom. save the apple slice.
3. Put the sliced pieces in lemon water to prevent the fruit from turning brown.   
4. Carve the head and neck from the apple slice.
5.Cut progressively larger wedges out of the apple. There should be three different cut outs to form  the tail feathers, left and right wings.
6. Assemble the pieces to create your very own apple swan.
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